What Are The Different Types Of Kanchipuram Sarees Available?

What Are The Different Types Of Kanchipuram Sarees Available?

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Every woman’s wardrobe is stacked with a silk saree for every occasion. It is the love for the fabric, design, and texture. Kanchipuram sarees are famous outfits all over the world. These sarees are weaved by their own hands by the weavers in a traditional way. It is expensive and suitable attire for every occasion. Unlike other fabric sarees, silk saree need exceptional care for the long run. There are numerous sarees in the market and brides often get confused about choosing the appropriate one. Each saree is unique in every aspect and instantly brings grandeur to the atmosphere. Hence, in this post, listed below are some different types of saree available in the market.

Kanchipuram silk sarees:

The foremost option that many people choose for their special occasion is the bridal sarees. These bridal silk sarees are made mostly from the region Kanchipuram, India. Kanchipuram silk sarees are known for their excellent texture, complex pattern, and unique motifs. These sarees are made from pure mulberry silk with red and golden color silk. The red and golden silk is then dipped in molten gold to exhibit its tradition. The popular designs in the Kanchipuram silk sarees stripes, checks, temples, animals, and many more motifs.

Banarasi saree:

A Banarasi saree is made in Banaras and woven from fine silk. In the Banarasi saree, golden wires are rolled around the silk threads and pressed with a machine to weave the saree. Banarasi sarees are more of Mughal influence and contain Islamic characters. These sarees involve more metallic visual effects and gold work of floral motifs.

Tussar silk sarees:

It is a very special saree weaved by the tribal people in India and woven by the silk obtained from the silkworm in South Asia. These sarees mostly come in neutral shades like honey and beige. It is complemented with bright blouses and requires keen care in the long run.

Raw silk sarees:

It is made from mulberry tree silk yarns that are short and damaged before removing the “gum” like substance from them. The raw silk sarees are a pure form of silk and it is inexpensive. The disadvantage of the saree is, the fabric is stiff and not soft like other sarees. It is called Resham and Paat in different zones of India.

Hence, there are many wedding silk sarees below 10000 for the brides nowadays. Therefore, consider the suggestion shared in the post to choose an appropriate one.

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