Why should you join civil services?

Why should you join civil services

A civil servant is one of the best career options for the students who want to serve the country. To become a civil servant one should crack the Civil services examination conducted by the Union Public Service Commission. Even though a number of private jobs available with attractive salary packages aspirants are eager to join civil services. IAS Academy in Bangalore guides the aspirant to get a good score in UPSC examination. Here are the reasons to work for civil services.


In the country like India, civil servants are highly respected by the people. People always notice the government vehicle even though a number of expensive vehicles present in the road. The government vehicle which is provided to the Civil servants like IAS, IFS and IPS is a sign of authority. The selection process of civil servants includes three phases such as Prelims, Mains and Interview section. Those who get selected are allowed to attend the training conducted in Mizoram.


Civil servants have a certain power in a particular state as well as in the particular district. They also play an important role in shaping the law passed by the parliament. You have the rights to implement the law in case of any hazardous situation occurs in the district. Top 10 IAS Coaching in Chennai make the aspirants aware of the benefits of joining Civil services in India.

 Job Security

If you are in a private job then there is no job security. This kind of scenario will not happen when it comes to Government jobs. The promotion of the officers is based on the seniority which they have. As a civil servant, you can’t dismiss without the proper reason. They have an opportunity to defend their self in case of you dismissed from the service.

Salaries and Perks

The salary of the civil service officer becomes very decent nowadays. Apart from salary, you can get different benefits such as the free house, free car for official use, Leave concession, travel concession and medical allowance. You are allowed to stay in government bungalows when you go to different cities for vacation. IAS Coaching centres in Chennai has the expert trainers to give excellent training to the IAS students.

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