Who is The Full-Stack Developer: Skills and Responsibilities

Who is The Full Stack Developer and Their Skills and Responsibilities

Are you a Full-Stack developer?

Let’s say that you’re using the Instagram application. Each time you refresh, new content is displayed on your display. You can share a photo and add more or search for profiles, and much more. While it offers users a seamless experience, plenty is going on within the background. HTTP requests are sent to Instagram servers to obtain and load data. The use of backend frameworks makes this possible. The front-end, backend, and database are all components of most applications. 

A Full Stack Developer is in charge of the entire app development process. He develops the application’s on both ends while guaranteeing their efficiency and dependability. He also includes other essential aspects. Develop full stack developer skills with the help of the Full Stack Developer Course in Chennai.

Full Stack Developer Skills

Once you’ve figured out the work of a full-stack developer we can look into the necessary skills to become one.

Front-end Languages


HTML contains the look of pictures or text in the display. It collects the text into titles, sections, etc. It usually consists of tags that give an entirely different meaning to the text within an organization of documents. 


It is a robust client-side programming language that is used primarily to improve user interaction with applications.

Backend Technologies

  • JavaScript and its associated environments such as NodeJS or ExpressJS. Node is an open-source runtime platform that allows developers to develop server-side applications and JavaScript applications.
  • Java was particularly developed from scratch to run on the server. 
  • Python is among the widely used language. We utilize Python frameworks such as Django and Flask to develop backends. Django is an extremely high-level Python web development framework. It allows the speedy development of the website. 
  • Code is the most popular technology for Backend Programming in the Windows environment.
  • Additional languages are PHP, Perl, and Ruby.

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Database Management Systems

A full-stack programmer writes software that can be used to carry out Relational mapping that retrieves information from databases. Some of the most commonly used DBMS include MySQL, SQL, and Oracle Database. A knowledge of their functions is essential.


  • Front-end development – With the help of HTML/CSS as well as JavaScript frameworks and libraries the developer should be able to build an interactive interface for users.
  • Develop the backend for the application. The developer should be able to create an efficient backend system to recover data from servers.
  • The creation of databases and servers These systems need to be resilient to failures and function continuously.
  • API development – Based on the architecture of the application the developer is accountable for API development. These APIs are essential for tasks like fetching data from a server.
  • Meet all consumer and technical specifications – The developer should be able to create flexible applications that satisfy customer expectations and keep them entertained.

 Full Stack Developer Salary

According to PayScale the median salary for a full-stack designer in the US is approximately 75k dollars.

In India, the average wage of a full-stack designer is about six Lakhs INR.


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