What is the procedure of In Vitro Fertilization(IVF)?

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In Vitro Fertilization is a treatment for infertility in which a male’s egg(oocytes) are fertilized by sperm in a lab. The fertilized oocytes develop into embryos in the IVF lab. One or more of the embryos can be transferred into the embryos in the woman’s uterus, where it is hoped that one will implant and produce a pregnancy. In this article, you will learn about the procedure of IVF. The Best IVF Center In Chennai provides the amazing treatment of this fertility.

The IVF procedure consists several steps for the successful treatment:

Ovarian Stimulation: 

The first step of the IVF procedure involves the use of fertility medications to increase the number of follicles that develop in the ovaries and control the time of ovulation. The selected regimen is based upon the woman’s diagnosis and the IVF center. It is possible to perform this treatment without ovarian stimulation. It is called Natural Cycle IVF. The majority of the cycles are performed with some type of ovarian stimulation. It is associated with very low pregnancy rates.

Egg Retrieval:

Around 30 to 32 hours after injecting HCG, a procedure is performed to retrieve the eggs. The gynecologist inserts an ultrasound probe into the vagina and uses a needle to withdraw the egg from each egg(follicle). This procedure takes approx 10 to 20 minutes. It depends upon how many follicles are present and is performed under conscious sedation. Gynecologist In Madipakkam provide the best IVF treatment to their patients.


The eggs will be combined with sperm in a lab dish for fertilization. In this step, almost 66 percent of oocytes become fertilized. In the case of a few male factor infertility, fertilization is achieved by intracytoplasmic sperm injection, which involves injecting one sperm into an egg using a micro-needle and a microscope. Only fertilized eggs can be injected into the treatment. 

Embryo Transfer:

After the retrieval, one or more eggs that have been fertilized are placed in the woman’s uterus using a thin, flexible catheter inserted through the cervix. Embryo transfer is performed on day 3 or 5 after egg retrieval. The soft plastic catheter is inserted to minimize uterine cramping, traumatic transfer procedures are associated with lower success rates. 

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