Types Of Material Handling Equipment Used In The Warehouse Industry

Types Of Material Handling Equipment In Warehouse

Material Handling Equipment

The most common equipment used in logistics for carrying heavy loads of containers is forklifts, trucks, and cranes. Material handling equipment plays an important role in performing the end-to-end operation of lifting and holding containers. 

Objectives Of Material Handling Equipment

The main objective of material handling is to provide efficient handling of containers at the same speed. It helps in reducing human effort. It is designed to integrate effectively with the load storage system. 

The various material-handling forklifts used in the logistic industries and warehouses for safe and accurate storage are as follows, 

A side loader forklift is commonly used for carrying and loading containers and other heavy-weight materials. A sideloader forklift is a versatile vehicle. It is a specialized vehicle designed to move high-capacity loads. The benefits of a versatile side loader forklift are to carry the load and unload heavy loads for a long period of time. The Combilift side loader forklift handles material to move loads even in small and narrow places, is cost-effective, and also has both lifting and transport operations. It can also lift different types of cargo containers, and it is more suitable for unprepared terrains.  

A pallet jack is a tool used to lift and move pallets. It is also known as pallet trucks or pallet pumps. Pallet jacks are the most basic form of forklift and are intended to move heavy or light pallets within a warehouse. 

A power pusher is a safety material handling equipment for the operators and improves productivity by transporting heavy loads. It is a multi-use device designed to move efficiently and reduce the risk of injury.

Heavy-duty cantilever racks are one of the most important components in the materials storage and handling industry. It is ideal for its mass storage. The cantilever racks are designed to stack materials on multiple levels. The main objective of heavy-duty cantilever racks is to improve the capacity utilization of warehouse storage. Cantilever racks are considered to be fast and easy storage systems. The benefit of these racks is to store high-weight capacities. It enables easy access to recover and place stored products. 

The right material handling equipment will help in an efficient way to handle the warehouses in the country. The high-optimal operations have improved warehouse productivity.