Things to Consider When Applying For an Australian Student Visa

Things to Consider When Applying For an Australian Student Visa

Australian Student Visa

Getting an Australian student visa approved needs attention to the following details

“For over 7 years we have assessed student visas and we can tell you that we would commonly come across applications where they lacked the appropriate information and were delayed unnecessarily or even refused,” Says the Best Australian Immigration Consultants in Chennai.

So, here in this article, I am listing down a few things to consider before lodging your application.

Well, you’ve decided on which course and education provider you want to study at, and you are accepted by them, great! Then, the education provider will issue you with a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE). After this, you can begin to work out your requirements for the student visa application.

Firstly, the Confirmation of Enrollment (CoE):

This is a proof that shows you have genuine intent to study with a registered education provider. You need to ensure that the provider is registered and they can provide you with the CoE, if not they don’t have the authority to take you on as a student. Consequently, your student application would be refused without a refund.

Evidence of Funds:

You have to provide evidence of sufficient funds to cover the first 12 months of study including the travel expenses, living costs, and course fees.

The fund normally needs to be held in a bank, it can also be a scholarship, government loan or an approved loan.

Genuine Temporary Entrant:

You must provide a written statement of purpose outlining the circumstances in your home country, your previous immigration history, potential circumstances in Australia and much more.

This is a significant document, so spend much time on it.

Overseas Student Health Cover:

In a majority of the cases, you must provide evidence that you hold health insurance; this is normally included in the CoE as you can purchase the OSHC through your education provider.

Health and Character:

You need to undergo health examinations for your application. This is usually requested after you have lodged your application and the case officer has made their initial assessment.

In case you have declared convictions on the application form, then you have to provide police certificates from the relevant country.

For more guidance, you can approach the Best Australian Immigration Consultants in Chennai.

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