The best way to prepare for Current Affairs

IAS Current Affairs

Current affairs for UPSC are a little tricky section for which everyone needs a good strategy. When it comes to competitive exams, current affairs play an integral role in the paper. It is one of the most essential aspects which is almost left unheeded and put to the back banner. It is an important aspect as this section in the UPSC exam is the one that can fetch you scores. In this article, You will learn the best way to cover the current affairs. You can follow the following tips and techniques to prepare for the general knowledge and current affairs section for the exams. 

Prepare your Resources well:

When it comes to keeping a tab of current affairs, there are just three mediums which you should utilize most. It includes cold media, hot media, and the internet. 

  • Cold Media- Newspaper: Cold media means Newspapers. As the information that is received through the newspaper is not fresh but a day’s before, it is known as cold media. Newspaper is the best source because it gives detailed information in comparison to the news acquired through television media and the internet both of which are categorized under hot media. Reading newspapers can develop your skills.
  • Hot Media- T.V. and Internet: If you are can not read the whole newspaper, you can download e-newspaper apps on your mobile. Turn on the notification for the news. Though the news is provided in a synopsis manner yet it will give you a good idea of the topic. IAS current affairs can develop your reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills. 

Follow Websites:

There are various websites on the internet that offer continuous updates on the current happenings. If you can not able to keep a tab of this section every day, you can log in to these websites and rn a quick overview. You can also download the PDFs on a monthly basis and solve questions that would also render you practice.

Watch Videos and Attend Online Tests:

For the preparation, you can watch videos on the internet and television news to collect knowledge of what is the latest happenings in the world. Try to solve everyday UPSC previous years question papers for the best result. You have to do group discussions about the doubts with your friends, teachers and you can search on the internet.

Thus, proper practice, consistency, and determination can help you make your way into the list of successes. Try to understand the topic carefully and All the Best!

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