Reasons To Get Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

A tired morning will make your entire day tire. Body pain, muscle strain and ankle pains are unavoidable. If you didn’t get rid of all your muscle pain, you will feel tired during the morning. Get treated for all your muscle and bone-related problems by getting deep tissue massage therapy. If you are a sportsperson or a person who involves more in physical activities then this deep tissue massage is the best for you. There are lots of massages and deep tissue massage is special among them because of its special techniques and benefits. In this blog, you will come to know about the reasons to get deep tissue massage therapy.  If you are looking for a Massage in Velachery, then enter Le Bliss Spa. Enjoy your massage by booking your appointment today!.

Types of massages

Massage is a kind of therapy for muscles, that has been followed for thousands of years. There are lots of massages and they all are unique in their way. Some of the common massages are Swedish massage, Balinese massage, hot stone massage, pregnancy massage, aromatherapy massage, trigger point massage, thai massage, acupuncture massage and acupressure massage. All these massages vary in technique, procedure and benefits. Get your massage at the best Massage Centre in Chennai and get pampered yourself.

What does a deep tissue massage do?

You will have the question “Among varies massages why should I get a deep tissue massage?”. Here is your answer, this massage helps you in treating muscle and bone-related problems. This massage focuses on the healing property by increasing blood circulation. The techniques involved in this deep tissue massage are specially designed to relieve you from all your body pain. The therapist will suggest this massage if you have chronic back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, bone-related issues and muscle knots. 

Techniques used during the deep tissue massage

Both Swedish massage and deep tissue massage treatment are similar in techniques but vary in pressure level. If you inform your therapist about your pressure level, the therapist will maintain the same level throughout the massage session. Let us discuss some of the common techniques and how does deep tissue massage works further in this blog.

Cross Fiber Friction: During this technique, massage oil, lotions are not used on the skin surface. The therapist will give strokes perpendicular to the skin surface.

Active Release Technique: This technique will release all your muscle pain and also improves the blood flow to the heart. If you have an issue with muscle tissues, then this technique will help you with this. 

Muscle energy technique: This is also called MET, which helps in relaxation and improves range of motion. This technique is highly beneficial in joint-related problems. 

Trigger point therapy: This technique concentrates more on the painful and tensed areas in the muscles. In this technique, the therapist will apply pressure on the trigger points for almost 30-120 seconds. This will give relief from body pain and muscle knot. 

Myofascial Release: The therapist will perform this technique without massage oil or lotion. Gentle pressure is given on the skin surface to remove the blockages and knots in the muscles. 

Get rid of all the muscle pain by getting a deep tissue body massage in the best Spa in Velachery

Deep tissue massage benefits

Let us discuss some of the deep tissue massage therapy benefits further. If you are looking for a Spa Near Me, then walk into Le Bliss Spa. They have therapists who are skilled in all the massage techniques.

Stress relief

Stress is due to overpressure, tension and high production of cortisol and adrenaline(stress hormones). Sometimes, the pain under the deep layer of the muscle may also result in stress. The strokes during the massage will give relief from the mental stress. It also reduces the secretion of stress hormones and makes you feel relaxed. 

Lowers blood pressure and heart rate

High blood pressure is a result of stress and high blood flow to the nerves. Regulating blood pressure is a mandatory thing for a healthy lifestyle. The higher secretion of hormones like dopamine and oxytocin will maintain your blood pressure and heart rate.

Improves muscle flexibility

Deep tissue massage is highly recommended for muscle and bone-related problems. The high-pressure strokes and pressure on the skin surface will remove the pain accumulated under the deep tissues. This will improve the flexibility of the muscles and also the range of motion. 

Boost up mood

When the body is tired automatically our mind also gets tired. It may have higher chances to block the energy flow in the body. Soothing the muscles with higher pressure during the massage will increase the secretion of happy hormones that boost up the mood.

Increase the immune power

Immune power is the most important part that helps us in fighting against foreign viruses. Deep tissue massage is the best massage for boosting up your immune power. This massage is designed in a way to improve the immune system. 

Boost up your game performance

If you are a sportsperson or a person who involves in more physical activities, then this massage is the best one. This massage will improve your concentration power and also improve muscle flexibility. This will helps you in concentrated more on your game.

Faster recovery of injuries

The soothing technique involved in this massage will increase the RBC, WBC and platelet count in the blood. They will help you in sufficient fresh blood supply to all the internal organs. It will give you a healthy organ and also helps in the faster recovery of injuries.

In this blog, we have discussed deep tissue massage, techniques, procedure and their benefits. Even the doctors suggest this massage for faster recovery of injuries and especially for the sportsperson. Get all the benefits of deep tissue massage by getting into the Massage Spa in Chennai. Le Bliss Spa offers you the best massage services at a reasonable price.

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