Reasons to Choose AngularJS for Application Development

Reasons to Choose AngularJS for Application Development

In this e-commerce era, the requirement of online impact is becoming much inevitable for any kind of business. Mobile and web applications are the main source of business organizations globally. This has tremendously increased the need for application developers for developing apps.

AngularJS is making remarkable changes in the web development market. There are many benefits and significant features are available in the AngularJS which is used to build robust and rich mobile apps for the clients. Join AngularJS Training in Chennai and learn AngularJS professionally under industry experts.

Salient features and reasons to choose AngularJS for application development

Two-way binding

Compared to other frameworks, AngularJS uses the unique feature as two-way binding. The application objects may get influenced if any changes occurred in the user interface. Here, module changes and user actions modulations occur regularly in the process.

Allows Modularity

One of the main features of AngularJS is it allows modularity. It helps you to build various modules with a single application. It is featured with better functionality, architecture, and flexibility. Dividing the project into different modules supports you to enhance the productivity to deliver better results.

High Performance

AngularJS provides high performance with distinct features like form validation, filters, data binding, routing, directives, and others to offer robust applications. It gives the choice to developers to build an efficient framework.

Use of flexible filters

Filters play an important role in application development and it is used to organize the data storage. AngularJS uses several filters like Order by, Lowercase, Uppercase, Number, Currency, and others. If any filters are needed, they can also be created. All these filters are supported to make efficient refined data.

Integration of MVVM and MVC architecture

To provide a robust and interactive application, AngularJS makes use of MVVM and MVC architecture. Whereas, the other frameworks concentrate on creating mobile apps. By splitting up the application tends to improve mobile apps and helps companies to save much time and energy. This ensures that the overall cost and deadlines will be reduced. As the MVC and MVVM architecture is divided into three parts, where one part is used for viewing data, the second part is used for managing data, and the third part is used as a connection bridge between view and model.

Uses less coding

AngularJS uses less coding and offers a convenient and free environment for the developer’s community. The use of data modules and filters ensures reduced coding effort.

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