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Outsourcing Companies in India – Reasons for Why India is Best for BPO Outsourcing

BPO – Business Outsourcing Process is booming tremendously in India with ample job opportunities for the graduates. This sector has brought a huge change in the Indian economy while reducing the unemployment levels in the nation. However, it is not only benefiting India, but also the MNC investing and choosing India to outsource their projects.

According to the latest statistics, the BPO services in India are progressing to a new height, which is expected to be the leading in the world by 2020. The statistics also state that about 80% of the overall world’s BPO services will be from India.

Why Choose BPO Companies in India?

There are many reasons to favor India as the preferred choice for business process outsourcing. With the advancement in technology, infrastructure and increased numbers of skilled and talented graduates or man power, the India is considered to be the best choice to outsource. The Business Process Outsourcing Companies in India is serving globally meeting the international standards of quality services. This has made the BPO industry to achieve the top rank for being one of the profitable sectors in India.

Some of the factors that made MNCs choose Outsourcing Companies in India are:

Growing Infrastructure:

India is one of the fastest growing nations in the world. Major metropolitan cities like Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata are turning to be the major hub for most of the MNCs in the world. These MNC companies, not just outsource their projects, but they also hire employees who can skillfully meet their requirements and business operations.

Low cost and Wages:

Another important aspect to choose Outsourcing Service India is low cost and low wage. This absolutely curtails a major portion of their expenses. India has a huge population of young graduates who can be easily trained to adapt to the business processes. They are also employed relatively at lower wages, which is an advantageous element, as labor cost is majorly reduced.

Quick Adaptability to Working Style:

Graduates in India can quickly adapt to the working system and style, which takes only less time to train and improve their skills as required for the business process. This has made MNC companies to choose BPO companies in India, as they find it comfortable and easy to proceed with.

Besides these favoring elements for why choose India for BPO, a study conducted on BPO shows that the US businesses have experienced significant cost savings due to outsourcing to India.

The study further states that the American BFSI companies have saved about $6 billion by outsourcing to India in last four years.

This proves the fact that cost-effectiveness is being the driving force to choose India BPO companies.

  • The availability of advanced infrastructure, technically skilled and English speaking employees and abundant technological resources have made the foreign companies to choose India for BPO.
  • In addition to these factors, the quality of services also plays the vital role in choosing India.
  • Moreover, the income tax policy followed in India is another important advantage. Moreover, every BPO company is ready to service 24/7/365 days.