Good Gift for Loved One Celebrating Sobriety

Good Gift for Loved One Celebrating Sobriety

A journal is a lovely way to acknowledge how much self-reflection they’ve accomplished and signify your encouragement to continue to do so. Plus, there’s just something about an unopened book that makes it exciting to pen thoughts to paper, giving your recipient even more incentive to write out their thoughts. Here is a few sobriety anniversary quotes to write on your card for your friend or family member. The first year is the most widely celebrated at the anniversary meetings. The first year is challenging, and there are a lot of growth opportunities for the sober person. We all celebrate with someone who has one year of sobriety because it is a significant achievement.

Each item is handcrafted and assembled with love just for you and your loved one. Due to this, please allow business days for your order to ship. I sent this box to my fiance for his 10 year and he was thrilled with it. We love the dough and all the sobriety theme stickers and card are really fun and inspirational.

Betty Ford, the First Lady of the US & Recovery

From hanging plants to succulents, this gift is a great visual way to mark the time passing. Look for captivating fiction novels or collections of short stories. You could also consider a biography of an inspiring figure or another motivating non-fiction book. In the United States, more than 17 million people suffer from alcohol abuse or dependence. Choosing recovery close to home means your support system is just a few miles away.

What do you write in a one year sober card?

  1. “Happy Anniversary! We're all so proud of you and are so happy to be celebrating another year of your sobriety.
  2. “I am so beyond proud of you!
  3. “Happy Sobriety Day!!
  4. “I am so proud of you for choosing to get sober and work on yourself.

If you are interested in learning more about a personalized treatment plan that can help your loved one, please visit our website and reach out to our admission staff today. Many people are not fans of getting material gifts, a lot of people would prefer just to spend quality time with people that they care about. If this is the case, why not plan a day that is full of special activities for them. Creating an itinerary and surprising them with each activity can be a fun way to spend time with your loved one. Handmade by Etsy seller LucianaFrigerio, this is the perfect gift to celebrate the anniversary of sobriety.


Bring back their courage, strength, and power to keep them moving forward. As the journey from addiction to sobriety can put strains on relationships, the best sobriety gifts gift you can possibly give a person in this journey is your love and support. Wanting to commemorate this moment with a great gift is a wonderful thing to do.

  • Pierre Chavin also makes a carbonated pink wine at a slightly higher cost—a perfect option for the former frilly cocktail drinker.
  • Many people going through recovery need an outlet to get their thoughts out.
  • Something as subtle as an engraved ring could mean a lot to your friend, as it serves as a constant reminder of how far they’ve come.

Show your support through a sober gift and check out some of the other gift options we have to offer as well. Notebooks are the perfect gift for writers and creative folks—and everyone likes a beautiful notebook. Counseling also forms a core part of treatment, both individually and in a group setting. If your loved one is still using alcohol or drugs problematically, we can help them here at Renaissance. Even better, your loved one can commit to recovery without needing to head to residential rehab. If so, take your time planning the perfect day with an itinerary your friend or family member will love.

#8: A Kumoso Breathing Necklace

If you’re not gifting for a holiday or birthday, sober recovery gifts can be nice gestures for big milestones. Many recovering alcoholics need to build alternative coping skills and behaviors to navigate difficult situations in life. While gift cards may not be the most exciting gift, sometimes your loved one needs groceries or home improvement items more than a fancy piece of jewelry. Each star reminds them of their achievement and a reason to stay sober. It’s an excellent gift for recovering alcoholics—many of whom may struggle with non-narcotic relaxation methods. It’s also an ideal present for anyone trying to quit nicotine, as it satisfies the ritual attached to smoking.

What are the hardest years of sobriety?

The first year is many things – overwhelming, glorious, remarkable, emotional, and yes, hard. It's not something that can be avoided, but it's something you can be prepared for. Let me clear, sobriety is never going to be easy all of the time, but the beginning is usually the hardest.

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